Open Enrolment

  • Applicants require an observation period a minimum of one (1) week (included in registration fee).

  • An interview may be required before or after observation period.

  • Playgroup A applicants compulsory of 2 years old on or before 1 July.

  • Grade 1 applicants compulsory of 7 years old on or before 1 July; except if applicant owns NIS (Nomor Induk Siswa) or is applying as an International student.

Fees Schedule & Terms

  • Registration Fee (One Time Payment) - This fee is required to apply for a seat at Trihita Alam Eco School. This fee include 1 week observation period. Paid once only upon application.

  • Matriculation (One Time Payment) - This fee is used for the introduction of Trihita Alam ways of learning for new students. Paid once only upon application.

  • Building - This fund is used for the constructions and maintenance of school buildings. Paid once or yearly.

  • Annual - This fee covers teaching and resources materials, replenishment of materials, and class stationaries for the school year. Paid yearly.

  • Uniform - This fee covers school uniforms. Any additional uniforms needed can be purchased separately at the School Office.

  • Tuition - This fee covers the cost of student’s education, operational and other administrative costs of the school. Paid yearly or 4 times termly instalments.

    • COVID-19 Tuition Fee Flexible Payment - due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we now provide a flexible tuition payment option of monthly instalments (12 times per year).

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